Use an irregularly shaped site as an opportunity to create a dynamic urban courtyard while maintaining a prominent yet respectful presence on the skyline.
Swanke designed a mixed-use complex in the Jinqiao Export Processing Zone in Shanghai, China. The site is an L-shaped assembly of three parcels totaling 2.74 hectares and the program consists of a 45,000 sq m, 320 key, five star hotel and a 64,000 sq m International Grade-A office building.

At the heart of the development is the central courtyard which is surrounded on three sides by the office tower and two hotel volumes. Building entries and associated amenity spaces face the courtyard and will keep this space vibrant throughout the day and evening. At the south side of the development, the ground plane slopes up and transforms to become a raised garden platform surrounding the courtyard and linking all of the major public spaces of the project.

The office tower is located on the main street, Xin Jinqiao Lu, in order to achieve the maximum allowable height limitation for the site. The height and striking geometry of the tower create a strong signature presence for the development.

All of the buildings are developed with very efficient floor plates and configurations allowing for maximum flexibility and ease of construction. Vehicular and pedestrian circulation for the buildings' occupants and visitors are clearly separated from the building servicing.