The project is an extensive re-development of the existing acute facility to create a single unified hospital comprising a new state-of-the-art Diagnostic and Treatment Centre, a new Emergency Care Centre, and a new, dedicated Women's and Children's Centre.
Phase 1 of the hospital opened on schedule in 2008, and is already being talked about as one of the most sustainable healthcare buildings in the UK. The Swanke led team has provided a striking, modern design with a strong civic presence. The BREEAM 'Excellent' sustainability rating is based on numerous integrated design features, including the largest geothermal lake loop scheme in Europe and a tri-generation energy plant. These provide all the cooling without chillers and 40% of the heating requirement saving 9,600MWh of gas and electricity and £12,000 a year over the smaller facility that this new hospital replaces.

This integrated engineering and passive eco design will reduce the hospital's carbon footprint by 400 tonnes a year when both phases are operational in 2010. The Diagnostic and Treatment Centre benefits from an unusually innovative feature of a 'biosphere', a passive ventilated envelope that moderates the climate of the circulation areas and allows deep penetration of natural light to all occupied areas

The design is also a clinical success achieving over 90% of critical adjacencies. The scheme applies principles of evidence based design, with clear wayfinding, natural lighting and enhanced outdoor views throughout. 50% of the beds are in single rooms and the architectural and interior design enhance a positive experience for patients, staff and visitors alike.